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1. Why to choose our company?   

·1) Quality and service stand the test of time.

 2) Quick delivery time for decent order.

 3) Own professional R&D team for new products development.

 4) Normal mould charges for free.

 5) Products audited by ROHS & CE.

2. What is advantage of our company?

· Aluminium production base of world is in China and Aluminium production base of China is in Foshan, and our company is a famous Aluminium enterprise in Foshan which is in the lead of raw material and technology. Specifically speaking, our oxidation film is above 10um and solidity is 10-14 degee. Above all, surface machanical line treaded pretty good which can hardly find and the color and luster of profiles are stable.


3. What is the ordering process?

·1.Samples or CAD drawings(by client)  >2.AutoCAD Drawing (by us)  >3.Drawings confimed  >4.30% deposit  >5.Die Casting/Mould making  >6. Samples confirmed  >7.Mass production  >8.Inspection (by client)  >9.Balance paid off >10.Delivery


4. Will the Mould cost be refund?

· The mould fees will be refunded if ordered quantity of the products produced with the mould reaches certain tons in total within one year.

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